Board Member, & Director, Digital Development

Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh is a Pakistani politician and a member of Senate of Pakistan. He is a businessman by profession and is the founder and chief executive of the Shalimar Group of Companies.
He is a self-made businessman with a life story that has inspired many. He started as a salesman at a small shop in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi in 1977, traveled to Japan in 1981 and got a computer from Hong Kong, planned his first factory in the mid-’80s and after its commercial production, announced a group of companies.
It took him 10 years to take his group nationwide with factories across the country. He started business politics in 2008 and became the SVP & Acting President of the Rawalpindi chamber of commerce and started his journey in national politics in 2012. He contested the election for National Assembly in 2013 and was elected a senator in 2015 from Sindh. During the Covid19 lockdown, he became an evangelist for a Digital Pakistan and was named Digital Senator of Pakistan. He is the first Digital Senator of the World. He is Founder and President of Digital Pakistan, an NPO with the Mission to Empower Youth and Women through Technology.