Our Story

In 2020 GPLT was founded with a simple belief that the most powerful and meaningful legacy is to unite people globally with the same passion for Peacebuilding. This through harnessing their love of making a positive difference in communities, when people put their minds together so much life is breathed into a sense of purpose. We are inspired by stories of go getters, innovators, dreamers, heroes, courage & love for playing it forward. We profile those that soar like eagles and who are the diamonds of  creative and inspiring meaningful projects. We support and cherish those that are “Artisans of Peace”  -(Fabio Carbone), who leave footprints of impactful global collaborations. Our membership is mostly centered across Africa. It  stretches  to Mexico, Argentina, Europe and many other countries. We believe that Artists, in all genres  are key role players in uniting the world. We stand strong in our belief that every child has the right to education and protection.  We support women empowerment and the right to freedom of expression and faith. Our greatest passion is to support an end to poverty and conflicts. GPLT supports SDG Goals through collaborations with global leaders working on sustainable development projects.